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By 08/01/2018Blog

During our Berliner experience we had the chance to participate in a really awesome activity “Wort party event” . It was organised by One Coworking from betahaus. They got the inspiration in a Meetup from Los angeles. We also would love to join to this initiative.
Once per month, instead of working from your home, your headquarters or your coworking space, we will meet in a specific coworking space.
During that session, each participant works in his/her tasks.
Every hour and a half we take 10 minute breaks to socialise and have fun with group activities! Show up, be introduced and get your work done alongside a small group of dynamic people in order to maximise your productivity, find inspiration, network, make friends, share, and… collaborate!
In our case, it will be a free of charge activity and it will be mainly developed in English. It does not matter if you are part of the arroeloverfamily!
Our idea is that each time it will be held in a different coworking space from Galicia, who is joining? This time it will be in Arroelo 
You just need to register in this doodle

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