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Last December, we had the possibility to develop a peer2peer exchange with Ma Sphere, one of our partners of European Creative Hubs Network. They are a creative hub located in Toulouse, in France.

The objective of these exchanges are to share knowledge, ideas and moments to build new alliances between creative hubs in Europe.

It was a really interesting experience even  though we had to adapt the agenda to the Covid restrictions. It was supposed to be an offline exchange but finally, it was an online one.

Here you can see the evolution of the project and its results:

  • Session 1. Discovering our hubs.

During this session we shared more in depth what are the vision, goals and values of our creative hubs with Yasmine (executive director of MA Sphere); África Rodríguez (co- founder of Espacio Arroelo) and Ana del Valle (President of Ticket2europe).

We analised the needs of our communities in order to create new bonds between our hubs. We had the opportunity to meet Celine, one of the members of MA Sphere.

In addition, our member Ana del Valle from Ticket2europe shared what they do from our city in Pontevedra to develop European projects. Specifically, we focused our attention on two European projects which are intereseting for the members of Ma Sphere: i – Portunus and Erasmus Plus. In addition, she shared some interesting French partners who can be interesting for their future participation in European projects (Hors Pistes  and Association Intercultura ).

After that, Yasmine Carlet, (Chargée de développement from Ma Sphere), shared their experience with European Social Funds. For us, it is important to discover this kind of initiative with real cases as it represents new ways of funding for our members and for our hub.

In addition, she explained more in depth how they develop their project Peer Culture. It is a programme of mentorship between members of Ma Sphere. It is essential for us to discover this kind of initiatives to rethink our methodologies or even to co desing with them new ways of transnational cooperation.


After that, our manager Africa Rodriguez, explained our experience, materials and main tips on how to develop a collaborative space. We shared our methodology thanks to the notion we prepared for our coworkers. Thanks to this document, Ma Sphere can begin to stablish the first draft for the future space thet will be managing next year.

At the end of the session, we identify the main content for the final event. We brainstorm about the best agenda for our members and the best people to take part in it.

  • Session 2. Final Event: Building alliances through the European Creative Hubs Network

We organised a public on line event of one hour duration. Firstly, we shared what is the European Creative Hubs Network and we explained the experience of Espacio Arroelo and MA Sphere.

Then, Belen Mendoza from Chamber of Commerce of Santiago de Compostela  and Laury Latchoumanaya from Chamber of Commerce of Martinique Island shared what is the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme. Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs is a cross-border exchange programme which gives new or aspiring entrepreneurs the chance to learn from experienced entrepreneurs running small businesses in other Participating Countries from the European Union. Also, our member Ana del Valle shared their experiences as a host in Galicia.

This session was really fruitfull because Ma Sphere did not know how to be part of this initiative. Thanks to this exchange, the members of MA Sphere can directly contact to Laurie to be part of it. You can listen to the recorded session in this link just in case you would love to discover more about it. We consider this European project is a more than interesting opportunity to keep on building alliances between European hubs and of course between the members of the European Creative Hubs Network. Who knows if in the future we will host in Pontevedra some of the members of Ma Sphere to co-create new ideas and bonds between our countries.

As a result of this exchange, we are really proud to conclude that:

  1. We created new bonds with other stakeholders of each of our regions. After this exchange, members of MA Sphere has direct contact with Laury Latchoumanaya from Chamber of Commerce of Martinique Island to help them to be part as hosts and entrepreneurs of the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme.
  2. Ma Sphere hub will be partner of our Europen future projects for Erasmus Plus applications. This way, this creative space can begin to create new bonds at a European level.
  3. Our members of Ticket2Europe will be in contact with Ma Sphere to send some of their members to one of our future projects in Reunion Island.
  4. We shared French reliable partners for Ma Sphere to contact them to increase their alliances.
  5. Both hubs shared useful information to keep on developping our creative spaces. As such, Ma Sphere can use the template of our coworking for their future space.

Thanks for this opportunity European Creative Hubs Network, Creative Flip , Goethe Institute and European Union.


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